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Dear Friends,

Naomi Maasberg and Joleen Palmer founded Stillwaters Environmental Center in 1999 in order to connect the people of Kingston and north Kitsap to the natural wonders found at the Carpenter Creek Estuary. They knew this special place needed to be protected, and they understood that community science can be a powerful tool for good when used to educate and empower citizens to make ecologically based decisions. For the past 24 years, the dedicated team of board, staff, interns, volunteers, and donors have done an amazing job protecting and stewarding this vital wildlife habitat. I commend Stillwaters for bringing people together and creating a community to care for this watershed. 

Many of you reading this letter may already be members of Great Peninsula Conservancy (GPC)—your local land trust—or you are at least familiar with our mission. But for those of you to whom we are just introducing ourselves, please know that GPC’s goals tightly align with those of Stillwaters’. Powered by conservation-minded community members, GPC protects and stewards ecologically valuable lands in west Puget Sound, including the Kingston area. Our work conserves vital wildlife habitat and connects people to nature. Sounds familiar, right? 

GPC Executive Director Nate Daniel and Stillwaters President Alicia Olivas signing the final documents to join Stillwaters with GPC.

When GPC was approached by the Stillwaters board to see if we would take on their work under the umbrella of our environmental education program, Land Labs, it made immediate sense to everyone at the table. Of course, ideas require action, and over the past year Stillwaters and GPC have convened many times to ensure the Stillwaters ethic will live on, honoring the work of the past while reinvigorating the mission with fresh energy and expanded community support.  

Naomi and Joleen have always had a penchant for doing things right and investing in things that will last. This is exactly why GPC was chosen to continue to steward Stillwaters. Our work is grounded in protecting land and water, forever. Together, we will maintain the care and admiration the Stillwaters community has for the natural world, and we will continue to connect with more people to foster a resilient future at Carpenter Creek and throughout our region.  

We invite everyone who has helped Stillwaters become such a powerful force for good to help write this next chapter. You have the knowledge and experience to ensure that as we move forward, we do so with integrity and impact. Thank you for being a member of this new team! 

Specifically, we are looking for help to:  

  • Continue science-based monitoring efforts with existing and new volunteers, ensuring that there is an ever-growing body of data available to understand the environmental health of the Carpenter Creek estuary. 

  • Build on Stillwaters’ experience with local schools and community groups to expand GPC’s Land Labs education programming in the estuary. 

  • Maintain the Tree House, the Stillwaters base of operations, as a site for environmental education in the estuary and protect the land Stillwaters has stewarded since 1999. 

  • Financially support the member-driven work GPC does in our community. As a grassroots organization, membership contributions power our success.  

I look forward to the summer of 2024, and hope that you will join us in celebrating the “Season of Stillwaters,” a series of events celebrating our history and planning for our future. Community scientists, new and old, will unite and continue to care for the estuary. GPC’s Land Labs team and community volunteers will revitalize the curriculum and once again bring classrooms of students out to learn and connect with this special place. And, we will make sure to simply take time to get to know one another and dream about the bright future ahead. Stay on the lookout as we announce these events (via email) in the coming months! 
Thank you for caring and for making our community a better place. 


Nathan Daniel
Executive Director, Great Peninsula Conservancy 


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